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 "I have meant to send this note since the Pea Soup 5k run night thought it was a good time to send a note of 'you done good'.  

I was standing in the finish area watching and thinking what about this event is different. I do 70-80 running events per year but this was one had a different feel.  On the way home I realized that it felt "community".  It was staged for the community as a fun event and conducted that way after. Participants were excited to be part of the Pea Soup run and walk. Congrats to all of you for providing that to them.
I have to say that pea soup bowl and spoon was one of my most unique event souvenirs.   
I hope I am still running and journeying next year so I can come on over for the annual Pea Soup running event." ~ Doug
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    What is Core Power?

    Core Power is a muscle recovery drink loaded with protein, nutrients and amino acids you need to complete your workout and get you ready for the rest of the day. Core Power uses fresh, low fat, lactose-free milk, honey, natural flavors, and contains 26g of protein. Whether bodybuilding, yoga, pilates, or just on the go, Core Power makes an ideal recovery shake for your active lifestyle.


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